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To succeed in our digital era, a non-profit must develop a substantial web presence and implement robust technology to assist with fundraising and day-to-day operations. Fundraising campaigns and philanthropy efforts increasingly rely on the power of digital platforms to rally public interest in their causes and provide a powerful medium to communicate their story to a global audience. But this requires vigorous digital marketing, not to mention data intelligence & analytics, and intuitive digital tools that connect team members with key stakeholders.

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Databerry addresses the demands facing organizations in the non-profit sector with a highly customized approach. Using our growth-based technology model, we can design a scalable, custom organizational model to help collect philanthropic data intelligence and give you deeper insight into how to reach your target demographics. By helping you stream your day-to-day operations, you will gain precious time and resources to put towards your organization’s goal – whether it be to inspire, entertain, educate, or assist.

You have a vision of a better world; with the right technology, Databerry can help you realize it.

In non Profit Vision 2030, we explore the four trends shaping the next generation of non profits today:

  • Data redefines relationships
  • Virtual is the new face of non profits
  • Trust is critical infrastructure
  • Authenticity is currency
  • I.T. Consulting & Strategy
  • Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Website Services
  • Project Analysis and Planning

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Databerry utilizes an array of best-of-breed resources that improve workflow, ensure smooth communication, and result in better applications

After vetting more than 35 different project/process management tools, communication engines, and file organization platforms, our clients have come to expect the very best from our end-to-end implementation strategy.  Our toolset allows our clients, businesses both large and small, to take advantage of enterprise-level resources and expectations.

  • Project tracking and accountability tools
  • Tailored content organization platform
  • UX / UI modeling software
  • Enterprise-grade development environment
  • Full suite of multi-stage testing utilities

More than 100 successful product launches

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