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Oracle Launches Combined Traffic Monitoring Program

Oracle Launches Combined Traffic Monitoring Program

  • Published November 18th, 2015
  • |
  • by Jared Haggerty

Earlier this week, Oracle announced plans to merge two of their most popular traffic-monitoring programs into one all-inclusive security software suite, making it easier for customers and clients to protect the integrity of their databases. The two programs being merged into one are Oracle Audit Vault and Oracle Database Firewall, both of which are designed to keep customers’ Oracle and non-Oracle databases safe and secure. So, what’s the point of combining these two programs into one? Keep reading and we’ll take a closer look at this pivotal move by Oracle.

Although customers can already purchase and use Oracle Audit Vault and Oracle Database Firewall, the recent merging of these two programs will make it combine their computing power and capabilities to create a more secure database environment. As a system administrator, no one wants to think about security breaches happening, but they do occur. It’s up to you, however, to take the necessary action to keep your database and safe and secure. Oracle’s combined Oracle Audit Vault and Oracle Database Firewall suite offers a simple and effective way to accomplish this goal.

Currently, Oracle’s software suite is designed to monitor traffic coming from MySQL, SAP Sypbase and IBM databases. However, it’s likely that Oracle will make additional improvements to their Audit Vault and Oracle Database Firewall programs in the future, giving customers and clients an even greater range of choices. Oracle tends to stay on top of their updates better than practically any other IT company. When a bug or problem arises, you can rest assured knowing that they have a team working around the clock to fix it and release an update or patch for it.

Another key benefit with the merging of Audit Vault and Oracle Database Firewall is speed. Although the two programs themselves weren’t slow by any means, the merged product has shown to be faster and more efficient. If you’re looking for lightning-fast way to monitor the traffic on your company database, this is the Oracle program you should go with. It’s simple, fast, easy to use and won’t bog your system resources down.

It’s important to note that Oracle is marketing this product as a new stand-alone product and not the merging of two previous products. While it has two security programs built into it, there are countless new features and improvements; therefore, you have to treat it as a new product by itself.

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