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Find The Right Systems For Your Business

In today’s business environment, relentless competition requires increasingly complex technology solutions, often spanning organizational and geographical borders. Businesses must exploit emerging business opportunities by rapidly adopting new technology, including Web-based solutions. Our systems integration services team offers consulting and delivery expertise in end-to-end systems integration and custom application development. Our services are designed to drive innovation and expansion into new marketplaces, while reducing overall costs. Our ready-made systems can take your company’s efficiency to the next level, increasing customer sales, service and satisfaction.

Thorough Analysis & Logistics Assessment

We work hard to ensure that our clients receive the most cost-effective, efficiency-minded web application plan possible. Our business process efficiency experts will work closely with your organization to find pain points and inefficiencies that can be solved with intellegent web application solutions. The plan created will focus on the integration of new and emerging technologies, leveraging open standards such as Web Services, Web Applications, Content Management and Web Portals that will ultimately increase your bottom line. Our primary goal is to help position our clients for long-term success.

Web-Based Process Enhancement

bullet tilted square Implement consistent data definitions that facilitate data reconciliation and improve data quality.
bullet tilted square Eliminate costs and inefficiency associated with paper and manual processes.
bullet tilted square Enable new business functions and processes through enhanced data access.
bullet tilted square Establish governance to maintain data quality.
bullet tilted square Improve business decisions through actionable information.
bullet tilted square Adhere to regulatory requirements.
bullet tilted square Change inefficient and expensive data storage and distribution

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Custom-Tailored Application Plan

Research and identify your businesses needs to determine the best solutions to your business problems including process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development.

We create a customized document that is a list arranged to show hierarchical relationships and is a type of tree structure. It is then used to present the main systems functionally or features of your Project.

We provide progress tracking throughout the development process by: Objectivity The measurements should be based on criteria that are observable and verifiable, Near real time The measurements should reflect what is going on in the project now, Multiple levels Multiple levels of data enable a manager to drill down and isolate problem areas or to roll up for high-level views, Prediction The measure must support projections about future progress, Activities Complete, Work Units Complete

We provide testing of the Project as the Database testing usually consists of a layered process, which includes the user interface (UI) layer, the business layer, the data access layer and the database itself. The UI layer deals with the interface design of the database, while the business layer includes databases supporting business strategies. The most critical layer is the data access layer, which deals with databases directly during the communication process. Database testing mainly takes place at this layer and involves testing strategies such as quality control and quality assurance of the product databases. Testing at all these different layers is frequently used to maintain consistency of database systems used in your Project and allows us to provide for a superior polished product for your organization.

We provide basic training to your end-users on proper usage of the new systems where applicable and this is a key step that we recommend you perform prior to taking your new systems live. We then work with you to schedule a launch date to take your Project Live!

Here at Databerry, we want to make sure that your Web Apps continue to operate with perfection for the long haul. We will setup a plan that will keep your new masterpiece running smoothly.

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Would like to tell you that so far Databerry has been fantastic...."

--James Gohrsch, The Haymarket Group

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