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Databerry has provided migration services for Rackspace, various Hosting companies, and many other Server systems for years. Our dedicated support staff is easily accessible and standing by 24/7, offering their expertise in both Windows and Linux/Unix Operating System environments.

We provide support for all standard Web formats/languages and OS platforms in the Web Development/Database industry – PHP, ASP, .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, Microsoft MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and many more. We can also provide support for any unique Web formats that have been customized for your organization and maintain that customization throughout the migration process.

Thorough Analysis & Logistics Assessment

If your company is experiencing a problem with your current Hosting Provider and/or Server environment, an analysis of better up time, special needs, more suitable requirements, or scalability may be the answer. Databerry can help. We can provide you with some of the very best Hosting solutions to fit your company’s needs. For a free consultation, click on our contact us page.

In-Depth Migration Plan

Databerry prepares an individualized plan for each migration, ensuring that data integrity is paramount and centralized to each step of the plan.

Migrate Your Server

Selecting the right migration company is as important as choosing the right accountant. Accuracy is paramount. Databerry treats every migration as if it were their own, paying great attention to detail, and ultimately ensuring that each of our customers’ data and web systems remain perfectly intact.

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Databerry Migrates

Research and identify your businesses needs to determine the best solutions to your business problems including process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development.

We consult with you to create a customized document that is a list arranged to show hierarchical relationships and is a type of tree structure of your project. It is then used to present the main systems functionally or features of your Project.

Research and identify your existing Server(s) running requirements to determine the best migration path to your new server(s) including Database(s), Front End Application, plugins/modules/applications/E-mail and server settings. After we have discovered all the vital server information we copy over all the files and database(s) for a test run. This allows us to provide a zero down time migration for your project while migrating your existing server(s) to the new server(s).

We provide testing of the Server(s) as the Database testing usually consists of a layered process, which includes the user interface (UI) layer, the business layer, the data access layer and the database itself. The UI layer deals with the interface design of the database, while the business layer includes databases supporting business strategies. The most critical layer is the data access layer, which deals with databases directly during the communication process. Database testing mainly takes place at this layer and involves testing strategies such as quality control and quality assurance of the product databases. Testing at all these different layers is frequently used to maintain consistency of database systems used in your Server(s) and allows us to provide for a superior polished product for your organization.

We provide basic training to your end-users on proper usage of the new systems where applicable and this is a key step that we recommend you perform prior to taking your new systems live. We then work with you to schedule a launch date to take your Server(s) Live!

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