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Through Strategic Marketing

In our hyper-connected globe everything about your business – from its brand recognition, status, customer engagement, and revenue – depends on your ability to execute an efficient, strategic marketing plan to the right customers. But before you can put the wheels in motion and market to your top demographics you need to find out who they are, where they are, and how to find them. At Databerry, it’s our job to make sure that happens.

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Using our growth-based technology model and the most current digital tools on the market, it’s our mission at Databerry to introduce your business to the world

When you come on board with Databerry, our marketing consultants will begin by performing a thorough analysis of your business to find out who your real audience is, why they need you, and how your brand is performing, if at all, amongst them. Armed with this information, our marketing team will design and build a strategic marketing plan to reach your core audience in a way that will engage, entertain, and educate.

Strategic Marketing for Strategic Results:

  • Brand Definition
  • Apex Focus Capitalization
  • Sales Focus Analysis
  • E-Marketing Optimization
  • Pricing
  • Facilitating Connections
  • Game/App Strategic Brand Expansion

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Best-in-class Marketing

Databerry partners with many vendors to offer the most powerful,Marketing and Intelligence solutions available

Not sure whether or not you’ve got the right Marketing? Using state-of-the-art tools and proven technology, we evaluate every aspect your organization’s Marketing aspects and website, to build a Custom-Tailored Plan:

  • Databerry helps you identify, streamline, and define what your emerging brand will be, including the creation of brand names, slogans, and logos.
  • Databerry works with you to determine what particular areas to concentrate your marketing efforts on, in order to provide effective use of your financial resources.
  • Databerry helps you identify and take advantage of the most effective sales channels to obtain maximum revenue in minimum time.
  • Using a combination of SEO, social media saturation, PPC and targeted emails blasts, Databerry ensures that your business obtains maximum exposure on all forms of electronic media.
  • Databerry works with you to create, distribute and maintain games and apps that increase brand awareness and drives business to you throughout the mobile sector.
  • Databerry helps you determine the most effective and compelling pricing structure for your products and services across multiple platforms and revenue streams.
  • Databerry works with you to build new relationships between your customers and their brands, as well as promote strategic partnerships between yourself and other brands.

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