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Mindshare is the metric that illustrates how well your business is known to the available customer base. The more well-known your business is, the more revenue it can potentially generate. Attain enough mindshare, and your business recognition goes global, leading to brand-name status, and skyrocketing revenue. So the question now becomes “how do I improve my businesses mindshare”? The answer is simple. We do it for you.


We Build Mindshare


In order to build mindshare, Databerry offers multiple services that can be incorporated into your custom crafted marketing solution.

How We Do It

Brand Definition: Databerry helps you identify, streamline, and define what your emerging brand will be, including the creation of brand names, slogans, and logos.
Apex Focus Capitalization: Databerry works with you to determine what particular areas to concentrate your marketing efforts on, in order to provide effective use of your financial resources.
Sales Focus Analysis: Databerry helps you identify and take advantage of the most effective sales channels to obtain maximum revenue in minimum time.
E-Marketing Optimization: Using a combination of SEO, social media saturation, PPC and targeted emails blasts, Databerry ensures that your business obtains maximum exposure on all forms of electronic media.
Game/App Strategic Brand Expansion: Databerry works with you to create, distribute and maintain games and apps that increase brand awareness and drives business to you throughout the mobile sector.
Pricing: Databerry helps you determine the most effective and compelling pricing structure for your products and services across multiple platforms and revenue streams.
Facilitating Connections: Databerry works with you to build new relationships between your customers and their brands, as well as promote strategic partnerships between yourself and other brands.

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Your Customized Marketing Strategy

Databerry and your business discuss at length what your marketing needs are and how to best attain them.

Databerry takes the information from your initial discussion and builds a project outline, which you then review and amend until you are completely satisfied. We create a customized document that is a list arranged to show hierarchical relationships and is a type of tree structure. It is then used to present the main systems functionally or features of your Project.

Once the design outline is finalized, Databerry custom crafts your marketing solution and puts it into action.

Every month Databerry reviews the performance of your custom crafted marketing solution, and based on this, revaluates its’ overall effectiveness and implements any changes suggested by the collected data

Databerry continues to maintain and monitor your custom crafted market solution to maximize continued mindshare and revenue.

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