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A Smart Business is a Mobile Business

Connectivity is what drives businesses in the 21st. Never before have there been so many ways for people interact with businesses on so many mobile devices – laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smart watches. However, in order to take advantage of this, a business needs to invest in their future by selecting the right technology partners, to ensure that their products and/or services are available on all of these mobile platforms. Databerry has been providing companies with cutting-edge IPhone/iOS solutions for over a decade. Businesses choose Databerry because we provide the expertise and ingenuity they want, in addition to the 5-star customer service and support they need. Nobody does it better than Databerry.

With Databerry its not Mobile Business. Its Business Done Mobily

With more than 20 years of experience in the information technology and marketing, the Databerry staff have delivered personalized IPhone/iOS solutions that minimize downtime and maximize productivity, while spanning a diverse range of industries including communications, financial services, food services, healthcare, law, manufacturing, marketing, professional services, retail, and travel. Completing over 10 IPhone/iOS projects a year since platform inception, Databerry has a proven track record for planning, deploying, managing, and maintaining mobile apps that will ensure your next IPhone/iOS Project is handled properly. Contact us now to get started on your IPhone/iOS project!

IPhone/iOS Application Design & Development

From Initial Concept to Final Release, Databerry Transforms Ideas into Applications

Databerry is a full-service, one-stop shop when it comes to business applications. With a seasoned staff that encompasses all areas of design and development, there’s no project our staff can’t tackle.

IPhone/iOS User Interface

A simple and effective user interface is the key to mobile business success. Databerry will build an/your application’s user interface to meet your specific needs, and modify it over time as needed to ensure that your clients have the best possible experience.

Corporate Apps for IPhone/iOS

Applications are not just useful client-side, which is why Databerry provides apps to meet all of a business’s internal needs (including partners, contractors, vendors, and employees). Databerry’s corporate apps revolve around improving all aspects information accessibility, internal communication and the production process. This allows business to expand further and faster without accruing additional downtime or incurring additional overhead costs.

IPhone/iOS Game Development

Who said applications need to be bland and boring? Sometimes a business requires an application experience that is both entertaining and enjoyable, and Databerry can again deliver. We excel at providing awesome graphics, beautiful game design, and exhilarating gameplay experience in our IPhone/iOS applications. In addition, Databerry has a knack for blending intellectual problem-solving techniques with entertaining and educational content, to create an experience your client will love. So you can be sure that no matter what the need, Databerry can do it. From puzzle games, to RPGs, arcade games to educational titles, if you can dream it, Databerry can build it.

Databerry Provides the Complete IPhone/iOS Service and Support Experience

Remember that applications are only a part of providing an effective mobile business solution. Which is why Databerry does more than just build mobile applications.  Databerry provides expert IPhone/iOS application consulting, development, server administration, 3rd party integration, upgrades and maintenance services. Databerry also assists clients with the design, building, implementation, and management aspects of their software systems. In addition, to expedite the transformation of traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to on-demand e-businesses, Databerry also provides services such as the integration of new and emerging technologies, and the leveraging of open standards including IPhone/iOS services, IPhone/iOS applications, content management, and IPhone/iOS browser-based portals.

Get Your App Listed on the Apple App Store and Promote your App with Databerry

The best way to sell your business application is to get it listed in the largest and most active application marketplace possible – the Apple App store. However, getting your business’s application built is just half the battle, as your application still needs to be promoted in order to generate both interest and awareness. Databerry can help simplify this process, by providing not only listing services but also digital advertising and web marketing services, including SEO, email blasts, and social media saturation. By working with Databerry, your business will be able to design and build the application you want, and get the exposure you need to succeed in today’s mobile world.


Our Expertise

  • Creative consulting sessions to help understand and determine clients' requirements and goals
  • Enable new Mobile business functions and processes through enhanced data access
  • Design and layout
  • Implement consistent data definitions that facilitate data reconciliation and improve data quality
  • Establish governance to maintain data quality
  • Improve business decisions through actionable information
  • Adhere and enforce Corprate regulatory requirements
  • Change inefficient and expensive data storage and distribution
  • Clustered/Non Environments
  • Dev/Production Environments

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We measure our success by the successes that we help our clients achieve. As a result, we’ve helped clients launch more than 1,000 projects, while maintaining a 90% return-customer rate, over the course of our 15 years in business.