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These days, establishing and maintaining a solid affiliate program is an absolutely essential marketing tool for every online business. As the virtual lifeblood for global online success, affiliate programs are one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve higher targeted traffic, thereby driving up sales. Instead of paying merely for advertising (the way things were done in the past), which doesn’t guarantee any kind of increase in   sales, referral/affiliate marketing rewards actual performance, with merchants paying commissions only when a promotion leads to an authentic sale of goods.


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It’s a cyclical program that benefits everyone involved: (a) your affiliates help drive traffic to your site; (b) prospective customers make purchases; (c) handsome commissions are subsequently divided up between you and the affiliate; (d) the process repeats itself. And if that wasn’t enough, referral/affiliate programs also do wonders for SEO, because whenever your affiliates promote your website, your traffic will naturally increase, causing more visitors interested in your products to ‘click’ through to your website. And as we all know, increased traffic from multiple sources (lots of affiliates) helps to generate higher search engines which equates to increased sales opportunities for you.

It’s a win/win across the board. See A Comprehensive Demo of Our Affiliate Management Software Today  Okay, so we’ve established that referral/affiliate programs are absolutely the way to go to help your online business to succeed, but how can you possibly manage all that information? How do you even know who your affiliates are and what kinds of websites they’re maintaining?

Tracking Results and Payout Reports

What about tracking all those business leads? How about managing payout reports? This is where having a software program in place that can handle this kind of work load becomes crucial. Affiliate management software programs are specifically designed to help you monitor the sales leads, all those vital advertisement ‘clicks,’ and the affiliate sites themselves that referred the customers back to your website. Having an affiliate software application up and running frees you from the added burden of having to prepare check payments for the affiliates who are about to receive the sales commissions and accordingly send payouts too. You can also modify the structure of commissions, sales leads, referral payments, protect yourself and your interests from various fraudulent and malicious activities, and monitor the payout system according to your specified criteria.

So automate your referral/affiliate program with an easy to use online portal for you and your valuable partners that easily integrates with the latest CRM’s, social software, and Microsoft office.  See A Comprehensive Demo of Our Affiliate Management Software Today 

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  • Easy to deploy
  • Flexible and easy to customize
  • No dedicated resources needed
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  • Compatible With Microsoft Office
  • Social Networking Intergration
  • Full API Support

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